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The wise, and their attitude to learning

The wise take lessons from everyone, everywhere, every situation and every time.



Heels of a worthy mentor

We often ask, "How do I know if I should listen to this person"? In choosing a mentor - results or experiences, which should be prioritized? In the following posts, I share my thoughts on what qualities to consider when selecting a "worthy" mentor.



5 more tips to keep you safe from fraud

I recently wrote ten (10) tips to help you keep away from fraud and cyber crimes; here are five more powerful tips that will help you stay safe from con artists.



Don't boycott DSTV, boycott your government

Some Nigerians sure don't know how (and when) to express their dissatisfaction over deprivation they suffer. Before you boycott DSTV or GOTV, before you turn off your decoder, read this:



Embracing Innovation and Great Discovery through Acknowledgement of Originators in Nigeria [+ PowerPoint Presentation]

I think I know why most Nigerians find it hard to acknowledge the true owner of content. Same reasons they are hardly innovative; yet they seek inventions. You have stayed long enough in a society that makes you think that; if you have not done it all, you have done nothing.



Persistence is NOT the "master-key" to Aso Rock villa

Persistence, doggedness, "not giving up on one's dreams" are some of the lessons that many Nigerians have learnt from the success of General M. Buhari in the last presidential election. They seem like the obvious lessons that everyone should take from the historic democratic event.



You are Invitated to Women's Fest 2019

To all the special women all around the world, I fecilitate with you on the occasion of the International Women's Day. The role of a woman in today's world is critical and we will be doing ourselves a disservice if we don't work collectively to ensure our women are better equipped for challenges that threaten the human race. The difficulties women face in our world today is something we must not allow to continue. We need all the human resource available to usher us all into a ...



The Train - My review and comments on the movie

I did a vigil last night watching “The Train”, a new movie by Mount Zion Films. It was such an awesome piece. While it may not seem like they have expended millions of dollars on that project, the Mount Zion films has once again proved to be a ministry set up by God for this generation. I want to use tonight to recount my experiences and share a review on the movie. The Train was a movie scripted around the circumstances that surrounded the life of the founder of the Mount ...



Leveraging IT for the growth of SMES in OYO state

Much talk about Information Technology, let’s get down to the business of putting technology to work as Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network (IEN) celebrates the 3rd year of impact in Oyo State, Nigeria.  Ayoola FALOLA, a cyber-security expert and founder of the web publishing technology PageCarton would be moderating a panel session discussing how Information Technology can be harnessed to help spawn exponential gain for Small and Medium Enterprises in Oyo State. Discussants of the pan...

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I trust tomorrow

I trust tomorrow. Not the one bearing the next sunrise, but the one after – that which never fails since humans started recording days. I don’t trust her, him or them. I don’t trust me; neither do I put my trust in any other without renewals but why won’t I trust whom has always made every day expire and then clocks in a brand new day. Tomorrow is bright, better and with all the good things I dreamt about yesterday and those I will dream about tonight. Even when tom...

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