Persistence, doggedness, "not giving up on one's dreams" are some of the lessons that many Nigerians have learnt from the success of General M. Buhari in the last presidential election. They seem like the obvious lessons that everyone should take from the historic democratic event.

Why not let's consider the "not-so-obvious" lessons that are hidden in the events that played out over a period of 16yrs.

Here are 3 other keys that opened the gates of Aso Rock for the retired general for the second time.

Seeing [and being inspired by] a possibility:

General Olusegun Obasanjo was about his mate in the army. He was also a military head-of-state. If Obasanjo could become a civilian ruler about 20 yrs after, Buhari as well could do it, or even do it better.

Don't be fooled by pride, to think you are copying someone when you are actually inspired by what they are doing. Inspiration one get from other people's achievements are not inferior to those obtainable from other sources. You can do it as well, just ensure you add your own uniqueness.

After losing three elections in a row, he did what every sane person will do - quit forever.

It became evident that he was never going to win a presidential election in Nigeria. Not of course, with the strategies of a regional party. PDP was a very strong force. Quitting was the only choice; of course unless he could re-strategise.

"Knowing when to start, quit and/or re-strategise" is the secret of perpetual greatness. Next time you try something and you are unable to succeed, don't continue in the infinite loop of failure. Seek out for newer strategies.

Persistence could easily make one a perpetual failure except one master the tripartite switches of "starting", "quitting" and "re-strategising".

Don’t neglect synergy

Muhammudu “Okechukwu” Buhari: that was what Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, called Gen. Buhari when he "introduced" him to his people in Owerri. “Okechukwu” means God’s portion in the local Igbo language.

In the same vein, Bola Tinubu and all other [former] ACN governors were there to give meaning to the "change" mantra that Buhari preached in South West Nigeria.

Did you think Buhari would have won without the ACN/CPC/ANPP/APGA merger?

Great men know the power of synergy. Knowing when, how and to whom to deliberate, collaborate, partner, marry etc. is key to breaking impossibilities.

Even in the Bible, The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them..." Genesis 11:6

Human limitations and established benchmarks are easily broken when more than one head is present.

In Conclusion

So let’s weld the parts together. We've spoken about inspiration, then the knowledge of times and strategy; we also wrapped it up with synergy.

You know your own Aso Rock may not be the one that houses the Nigerian president. But we have all been told about the need for persistence, perseverance and doggedness.

However, persistence is a waste of resources without an adequate change of strategy. People don't fail without a reason. If the reason is left untouched, failure is eternally assured. You know why?

In an arithmetic equation, one plus one will always equal to two. And life's partly arithmetic. That's why you hear of the duos of sowing and reaping, law and order, etc.

You only get a different result in mathematics if the equation CHANGES; changes in sources of inspiration, changes in strategy and changes in collaboration strategies.

The difference between life and arithmetic is embedded in the unpredictable human and natural order. Unpredictability found in "time" and "chance".

If you don't want "time" and "chance" to dictate your future, you've got to consciously choose the changes you permit.

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