I hold a vision that one day in our lifetime, Nigeria will be a great country the world would reckon with. 

That Nigeria will become a country we can proudly say it's ours and entrust our future in. That we can one day hold the Nigerian passport with pride and know that's all we need to dominate on the earth and beyond. 

Sadly, the Nigeria of today is not one most Nigerians are proud of - being that the nation has let a lot of her citizens down in many occasions. She has also since lost her place of pride in the comity of Nations. Now how do we restore the hope, how do we reclaim our future?

If I ask us to count the problems Nigerians face - just for being a Nigerian, we would easily count a hundred and still have more. It's even pathetic that most of the problems are such that doesn't take rocket science to resolve, yet we shamelessly wallow in them like no remedy exist. 

Meanwhile, I don't wish to continue to talk about the problems. I am not interested in the problems - it doesn't help anyone. I am not running because of the problems - I am here because I know we could come together and create solutions: I know we could live above our problems. 

But first, we need to unseat the oppressors who are profiting from our problems else they will frustrate our efforts. We need to stop taking the backseat in the things that concern our today and most importantly, our future. 

And that's why I need your help - I can fight for myself alone, but Nigeria's battles are bigger than me or anyone to fight alone. With prayers and hard work, I can unseat my oppressors, but alone, I can't unseat Nigerians oppressors. 

But if only we could fight together, our oppressors would have lost their most potent weapon - division. Then, we could build a great nation - for us and for the generation to come.

I hope I can count on you for this. I hope you can trust me that i wouldn't be out here if I didn't love & care about Nigeria and her people and maybe... maybe this could help bring out the true love you have for our country. I believe that love is what we need to build a nation of pride, eventually. 

Wondering what you can do to help? Sign up on https://ayoo.la/2023 and when you are done, share it with other patriotic Nigerians. 

Once again, thanks for doing this with me. I don't take it for granted. 

God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 

Ayoola Falola.