About Ayoola Falola


Passion about community development is unquenchable in Ayoola. He is a team member at LEEDNigeria.com - where he is volunteering alongside other vibrant youths, to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in Nigeria. At LEED-Nigeria, Ayoola handles communications and I.T. related matters. Ayoola is also currently working on a community development project targeted at reducing cyber crimes in Nigeria. On this project, Ayoola has received a fellowship by ProjectSocialImpact.com, an organisation located in Massachusetts, USA.


Ayoola is a leading cyber security expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 but today, he runs ComeRiver.com - an outfit that provides top-notch website development, online marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.

Innovation is not strange to Ayoola, he is himself an innovator extraordinaire. A creative web content builder per excellence, Ayoola combined his creativity, doggedness and entrepreneurial spirit to establish PageCarton.com - a FREE website development (CMS/CMF) framework. Since 2011 and till date, PageCarton has been helping thousands of people worldwide to create secure and beautiful web pages.