Who is Ayoola Falola?



Ayoola is a leading Cyber-security Expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 but today, he runs ComeRiver.com - an outfit that provides top-notch website development, online marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.


Innovation is not strange to Ayoola, he is himself an innovator extraordinaire. A creative web content builder per excellence, Ayoola combined his creativity, doggedness and entrepreneurial spirit to establish PageCarton - an opensource software framework to publish to the internet. Since 2011 and till date, PageCarton has been helping thousands of people worldwide to create secure and beautiful web sites and apps. PageCarton is truly a pride of Nigeria has it is the only software of its kind coming out of sub-saharan Africa.

Community Development Champion

Passion about community development is unquenchable in Ayoola. He is a team member at LEEDNigeria - where he is volunteering alongside other vibrant youths, to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in Nigeria.  At LEED-Nigeria, Ayoola handles communications and I.T. related matters.

Ayoola is also currently working on a community development project targeted at reducing cyber crimes in Nigeria. On this project, Ayoola has received a fellowship by ProjectSocialImpact.com, an organisation located in Massachusetts, USA.

Social Magnet

On the lighter note, Ayoola loves to work, but he is also never missing in action - never a boring person. Football, swimming, lawn tennis and hockey are sport activities that Ayoola enjoys very much. He has been spotted enjoying himself in the cinemas lately. Epic, thriller, action, drama tops the list of the genre of movies he loves to see.

Excellent team player

Ayoola doesn't only have an interesting personality; he is also a great team player. Together with three other fantastic young men, Ayoola co-founded AvalancheNigeria.com in 2012. Avalanche Nigeria today is a leading provider of technological solutions for educational purposes. Computer Based testing software, School Management software are some of the solutions Avalanche Nigeria has on its shelves. Avalanche Nigeria also has some innovative solutions e.g. ExamTone.com


Great people are known to pride in replicating themselves, maybe that's why Ayoola is also a great tutor. He facilitates at the School of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Schrobs.com) where he has trained an handful of web application

Trained Architect

At a distance, you may not be aware that Ayoola trained as an architect; that is because today, he builds more websites than homes. Truly, he graduated with honors at the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. He was a class of 2010. He also previously attended Government College, Ibadan.





Furthermore, Ayoola is a terrific author and speaker. His narrative is unique in sharing his thoughts; his audiences find this enjoyable, interesting and inspiring. He is a regular guest on some popular radio and TV programmes where he shares on entrepreneurship, cyber security and information technology. Most of his writings and audio recordings are compiled on his blog - ayoo.la.