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Ayoola is a leading cybersecurity expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 but today, he runs - an outfit that provides top-notch website development, online marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.


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Fakenews alert: *#61# doesn't show whether you are being monitored

There is an article in circulation that instructs that "When you dial the code (*#61#), it will show whether your calls or fax or data are been  forwarded / monitored or not". This has been checked to be false.  Okay. So if this turns out the way this article describes, it doesn't mean that you are being monitored. What it means is that you or someone at some point has activated call forwarding on your line. They may have dialed a similar short-code or used the func...

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is special day. It is a day I reflect on my essence, my biological source. It's a day I look at my yoruba mirror and thank God for the life of my father. Please read on because I will be making a request of you. Today is my father's birthday and it's not a sugar coated statement to say that I am proud of him as a father and as an accomplished human being. He surely has found favor in the sight of God and God has immensely blessed him. With a virtuous wife and beautiful...

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Who would push me

It is about that time and season when men push men to run for political office. I have waited to see if anyone would push me, no one has dared. Well, I am done waiting - I am beginning to take charge on how to better govern our society. Here am I, pushing myself. Last year, I put forward a message on my birthday, that 2020 is a year where I no longer stand on the sideline of politics. I started to put my money where my mouth is - the year took me on a very interesting political adventure. ...



Ayoola 2023 Political Groups

Welcome and thanks for your interest in joining Ayoola Falola to change our society. With your prayers and support, I believe our dream of a greater NIGERIA is closer to being achieved.  We do have three sub-groups Political Power Group: will rally round the national political landscape and deliver a solid political structure that Ayoola 2023 will run on for a successful election.  Financial Power Group: will strategize and implement a fundraising strategy for Ayoola 2023...



How to help a politician you love

Here is how you can help your family, friends or your favorite politician who is running for office. Since I made it known to the public that I am running for the position of the President of Nigeria, I have received a lot of messages from people, asking me how they could help out. Most of the time, I am lost for what to say, because this aspiration comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures. It's hard for me to quickly figure out which of the responsibilities are available to just...



Are software developers born or made?

This conversation started as a Facebook post. I was "jejely" minding my business when Ibrahim dragged me into the conversation by tagging me. Then I decided to write an article instead to share my opinion. Be warned though, my opinion may be bias, based on my personal experiences and outlook on life.



How I got my first $100 per hour job

Self-esteem and self-worth is the most financially valuable thing any human can hold. 10+ years before anyone paid me $100 per hour for a job, I have always boasted that my time is worth at least $100 per hour. That anything I am doing that doesn't earn me at least $100 an hour is either a waste of my time or it's me doing someone a favor. That was my truth, though I didn't have the money or the substance to justify it. So, how did I earn my first $100 per hour? A client (th...

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Re: Ayoola, have you purchased your PDP Nomination form?

Re: Ayoola, have you purchased your PDP Nomination form? The simple answer to the question would be "NO, I have not purchased the PDP nomination form; I couldn't purchase it because the financial requirement is way above my social and financial capacity. Nevertheless, I am still in the race for the presidential elections in 2023". How? You may want to ask; well, let us stay tuned for the long version of the answer in the remaining paragraphs below. Concerned persons and people w...

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Making all the sense out of PageCarton

When I started to write the codes of PageCarton in 2011, it seemed like the crazy thing to do. But then, crazy was not new to me. People around me knows me to be an ambassador for crazy. I thought we could have a web framework that could be broken down into tiny bits. So I thought about breaking down web content into smaller “widgets” which will have their own independent URL, classes and links. Then, I envisioned we could programmatically call each wid...



Heels of a worthy mentor

We often ask, "How do I know if I should listen to this person"? In choosing a mentor - results or experiences, which should be prioritized? In the following posts, I share my thoughts on what qualities to consider when selecting a "worthy" mentor.



Stop Praying, Start Working

In the prayer room one of these nights; I was “scabashing” as usual. I would do this one-hour everyday at least for about three years. It was great, great experience - so much spiritual growth, I got to realize and experience first-hand what believers authority meant.   I had outgrown petty sicknesses; eternal yoke of poverty had been broken. Miracles became a norm for me. I saw it happen so frequently that I got used to it. God is good. Above all, I received the certif...

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What to do when the car brake fails

Why did I decide to write about this? I just figured this might be helpful info for  someone someday like it was for me in this situation where the car lost its brakes. No knowledge is lost, knowledge is power.



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