When I started to write the codes of PageCarton in 2011, it seemed like the crazy thing to do. But then, crazy was not new to me. People around me knows me to be an ambassador for crazy.

I thought we could have a web framework that could be broken down into tiny bits. So I thought about breaking down web content into smaller “widgets” which will have their own independent URL, classes and links. Then, I envisioned we could programmatically call each widgets independently on the page. So web pages will be a collection of “tiny” widgets. 

The idea made sense to me, but I really didn’t know whether it would be sensible in implementation. Nevertheless, the idea of a whole new structure for web took over me for almost a decade and here we are today, still on that journey!

Just now, while writing the PageCarton plug-in for “Single Page Application”, I am  super glad I dreamt that of it time and decided to work on it. 

I was just reading through the scholarly best practices for implementation of SPA and I was like, “PageCarton was born ready for this”. I can’t believe that with just a single file plugin, PageCarton will implements all the best-practice tips for a Single Page Application. That’s how you know you have a great framework!

Awesomeness, right? That I dreamt of today’s best practice 10 freaking years ago. This happens to me so often, I guess that’s why I am always encouraged to do what I feel is right every time I get the chance.

The SPA plugin will be out next week; who is excited?

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  • Abiodun
    4 yrs ago
    I'm excited, PageCarton is really great.
    • Elite
      4 yrs ago
      I have used page cartoon to create a website, and it's awesome