My dear father,

I love you. 

I thank God everyday for you. You have been a great inspiration and a symbol of courage and love. To me, to my brothers & sisters and to everyone who has known you, in love. Whoever thinks otherwise doesn’t really know you. 

It’s been a challenge being a son of a great man. Having the responsibility to live up to the standards you set and yet break the barriers which limited your existence.

My heart longs to uphold all the godly standards you stood for. I don’t think there is anything any father could have given a child that you didn’t give to us. You have helped us appreciate the values pertaining to God, family and work. You, like any of us humans is without flaws, but God has helped you to rise above them all  

By His grace, we won’t do less; we shall not be less. Our lives in God is better because God has set you ahead of us. Our family will be better because of you. Our work will be better because of you. 

I want to thank you for everything you did and still doing for us, your children. It is a great privilege to be called your son.

Your wife loves you, she fondly calls you “hus-me” (husband mi, right?). Your children loves you; no, we adore you. 

Today is not Fathers Day. Neither is it your birthday. But everyday of my life,

I am proud to be called

“Omo ‘Abenja”

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