2020 is a great year, the year I turn 32. I am grateful for a lot – first for the good life and also for the wonderful people that have crossed my path in the last year. This time of the year is not only significant to me because of it being my birthday, it is even more so a day I have given birth to many other things that make up my life.

This is not a day to drop a long epistle, but I being a somewhat deep person do better when I put down my thoughts before I share. So as the Psalmist asked God to teach us [how] to number our days, sometimes, I just want to do things that would help remind me to be grateful for everything that has come my way. I also want to read my texts in years after and have a peek on what my thoughts were and also get graph-like snippets of my path of growth.

What’s up in 2020? So I do want to join a political party this year - in preparation to declare my intentions to run for an executive  (political) position in 2023. Yay! By 2023, I would be old enough to run for any office I so feel like in Nigeria. I think our dear country, Nigeria needs people like us, who have the vision and courage to step up and take responsibility of leadership of this country.

Enough of hoping for a better future for the coming generation; I think its time we join hands to build a great nation of our dreams. So I am on a look out for that solid party to join, any recommendations? Caveat though, I am not ready to start experimenting with parties without a solid structure or foundation; I would appreciate your prayers and support.

Also, I noticed we do not have any indigenous email solution in Nigeria. Russia has a “mail.ru”, South Africa has a “mail.co.za”; so I am building an email platform specially packaged for Nigeria.  It wouldn’t be so much work for me (It is a lot of work though), being one of Africa’s finest programmer and server administrator (*winks*) and also having championed a corporate email server “Comeriver Mail” specially for our website clients for many years, I could build this million-dollar venture with a minor fraction of what it should cost. Also, I will appreciate name suggestions for our email platform. Finally, a decade-old dream might come alive this year!

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  • Happy birthday, age with grace like wine.
  • Trabims
    4 yrs ago
    Happy birthday darling 😘 😘 May God's grace never depart from your life and may all your aspirations become realities soonest 🙏🙏🙏
  • Oduntan olajumoke
    4 yrs ago
    Happy birthday dear.may every of your heart desire be granted.
    • Victor
      4 yrs ago
      Happy birthday Brother!
      Am sure God is interested in your beautiful aspirations.