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Ayoola is a leading cybersecurity expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 but today, he runs - an outfit that provides top-notch website development, online marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.

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Thank you Nigeria for Letting me Express my Interest to Serve

This is long overdue. A hearty appreciation for the support I enjoyed while I went all out to contest for the highest political seat in Nigeria.  My vision for Nigeria is that which will one day bring us all pride - when our justice system becomes strengthened and when it bring riches and prosperity to Nigerians. It appears this vision won't be actualized in 2023 but one day soon, we shall overcome.  Meanwhile, I have zero regrets for running for President at this time and I a...

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So, I didn't make the PDP Presidential Primaries 2022

Today is the start of the PDP Presidential convention and the party presidential primaries, but unfortunately, as some of us may have known, I would not be participating. We've experienced some delay with the administration of our petition at the Federal High Court in Abuja. So as at last Wednesday, it was clear that there was no way we could get a relief from the judicial system that could get us to participate in the primaries. Therefore, the window seem to have closed for us to use t...

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Why Presidential? Why not any of the local or state positions?

It is a frequently asked question and comments from people who wanted to know why I didn't opt to contest for any of the local government or state or legislative positions and why I decided to run for position of President of Nigeria. I really do not have a specific answer to give but an explanation that suggests that running for this office is itself a strategy on its own. I do have a vision for our society that bothers on how our society can be transformed to that which justice a...

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