Self-esteem and self-worth is the most financially valuable thing any human can hold. 10+ years before anyone paid me $100 per hour for a job, I have always boasted that my time is worth at least $100 per hour. That anything I am doing that doesn't earn me at least $100 an hour is either a waste of my time or it's me doing someone a favor. That was my truth, though I didn't have the money or the substance to justify it.

So, how did I earn my first $100 per hour?

A client (through a contact of mine) asked me how much I want to charge them for an ongoing project, I said I would like them to give me an offer. They insisted I give them a proposal, I said 'well, my rate is $100 per hour but I expect you to give me an offer'. He laughed. And sent me a link to Upwork list of Nigerians doing what I do; where leading professionals were charging $10 - $25 per hour. That was my first time on Upwork. I heard about Upwork before but I was never a fan of marketplace business. It seem like I enjoyed the stress of looking for customers myself.

So on that day, I went over Upwork and I see that it appears to be the kind of platform where I should be. I saw that a lot of Nigerians have been successful on it. I signed up and created a profile. Guess what I set as my rate? You guessed right, $100 per hour. Roughly 30 days after, a client had hired me and paid me $100 per hour for a project that earned me about $4000 within a week. 

After a couple weeks, I wrote the client that sent me the link of professionals on Upwork and I thanked him for being God-sent to me. Of course, I told him he was the one that guided me to where I would earn my first $100 per hour. After then, I had varied my rates to fit my availability but no one could gaslight me into ever believing that I am not worth all the good things I dream about for myself. 

Today that people are comfortable to pay me over $100 per hour, I know it for sure that the mind is the only ceiling of a man.

How did I arrive at $100 per hour rate about 10 years ago. I assessed myself and my hot skills and I went on Google to research how much people who have the kind of skills and experience I have earn. I found it was between $50 to $100. Knowing how good I am at what I do, I personally decided to choose the upper limit as my own starting point. 

Today, wouldn't you rather research your worth and let it guide your journey?


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