This is long overdue. A hearty appreciation for the support I enjoyed while I went all out to contest for the highest political seat in Nigeria. 

My vision for Nigeria is that which will one day bring us all pride - when our justice system becomes strengthened and when it bring riches and prosperity to Nigerians. It appears this vision won't be actualized in 2023 but one day soon, we shall overcome. 

Meanwhile, I have zero regrets for running for President at this time and I appreciate everyone that encouraged me and supported me. Of course I and my team have picked up some valuable lessons on the journey and we are preparing to employ them to pursue this vision better next time with renewed rigor and strength.

Some were surprised when I came out at first. But people that know me know I usually have no reservation when it comes to pursuing my god-given dreams and visions.  It is my hope that my boldness will inspire as many other gifted Nigerians to never be ashamed to come out to pursue their dreams.

The jouney to be President in 2023 was one that projected me into full time active politics for 3 months from March to May 2022 and in those time, I have made new friends and have come to appreciate Nigeria more. My journeys took me to different places in Nigeria, exposing different cultures and people. I want to appreciate everyone who came out for me, people who gave their resources and people who redeemed their pledges to my campaign. God will continue to replenish us. 

In the month of June 2022, I took a break to rest and reflect on the outcome of my journey. Now, I am back to my work in the Tech Space and will also continue to do politics on the side. 

What is next on 2023

I remain committed to my party - the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and in ensuring that our candidates emerge in the forthcoming elections. I'll be supporting all our candidates in any capacity I have and I would be supporting some other people also that I believe in their vision for Nigeria. 

My petition to the Federal High Court also continues and I hope it will bring some clarity to our electoral system and help more Nigerians participate in politics.

My appeal to Nigerians is that everyone of us should do more in participating in politics and governance. Democracy works for the people only when majority of the people are involved in it. 

Let's get our PVC. Let's vote. Let's join a political party and be involved in how candidates emerge. If we (especially the educated and more informed of us) do this, I am certain our nation will be better for it. Anyone who is interested in joining our political party should contact me. I am willing to mentor and guide as many people as possible at this time. 

Once again, I want to thank you for supporting me. 

God bless Nigeria and God bless you too. 

Ayoola Falola
Nigeria 2023 Presidential Aspirant