I trust tomorrow. Not the one bearing the next sunrise, but the one after – that which never fails since humans started recording days. I don’t trust her, him or them. I don’t trust me; neither do I put my trust in any other without renewals but why won’t I trust whom has always made every day expire and then clocks in a brand new day.

Tomorrow is bright, better and with all the good things I dreamt about yesterday and those I will dream about tonight. Even when tomorrow is dark and it doesn’t seem like hope is in it, it is sure to reproduces itself until it is bright enough and the hope is alive inside me.

The work of my hands is my duty to life but it’s tomorrow that provides its essence. What I do is so little; tomorrow makes it huge. My work is not for today, its not for tonight – it is for tomorrow. My wisest decisions are those made with tomorrow in mind; I’m a fool for when I despise its essence.   

If I cried yesterday or cry today, it’s as if tomorrow is aware – because it would come with a soft napkin to wipe the tears. If I feel so cold and lonely, it comes with the lovely warmth that makes me love cold. In my lowest points – my down days, when I struggle to find happiness – what I long for is a deep sleep at night because I know if I can just have one speed ride into tomorrow, there is a waiting reservoir of joy.

In my awesome moments, when it feels like I am living my best; tomorrow is wiser to reserve even something better and bring it after the night. What I am today is the least I would ever be in the eyes of tomorrow.

I trust tomorrow. Thank God for tomorrow!

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