Today is first day of my 31st year on planet earth. Yippee! My prayer Lord, "Teach me oh God, to number my days; so I may go in the path of wisdom and give honor to you alone." Today is not only my birthday, it is also the birth day of a lot of my dreams and aspirations. I am grateful for life and every beautiful things it affords me. Today, in history is also the day I founded/conceived PageCarton and

Its such a great day and I am grateful for all I am today. In this journey of life, its so easy for one to lose track of the important things and fray on the things that ought not to matter. Today, I am grateful for family, I am grateful for true friends on the right, left and center. I am am grateful for the love showered on me, even some times, when I feel undeserving.

First, to my daddy Benjamin, words can't express how much of appreciation I have towards your efforts towards those things I am proud of today. We live almost exactly 40 years apart and I can only imagine the troubles of being the guy that might have brought the most trouble. (Or I'm I giving myself too much credit?). You are the best dad for me and you are one of the priceless gifts God gave me and every one of my siblings.

My mummy, Sarah, you are the best mother in the world. You have the biggest heart. You have been a big pillar of support for the family. The emotional, spiritual and financial support you provide family is something spectacular. Any husband, child, family and friend is lucky to have you. My love for you is more than I ever express and I apologise for this. I cannot forget the days we spend studing together when I was in high school. I cannot forget those days you would call me early to ensure I get up and go to class in university days. Iya o, I love you ma.

Bukola - thats what you like to be called, I love you ghan ni, you were the first model to the four after you. And truly, you held that with honor and integrity. You were just the kind of eldest sibling anyone can pray for. When many led their younger siblings astray, you became an example of excellence and pride. My prayer is for you and your family to continue in the grace God has bestowed on you. 

Seun - that was the name you gave yourself, and that is your name today. With you, I first learnt that a [wo]man can bear any name [s]he choose. I have applied that many times to my life and it works like charm. You have been a good example of grace and work. You put your best work to everything and no wonder the grace that works for you can not be explained. I love your level of commitment to God, to family and I covet your grace. My prayer is for God to continually bless you and your family.

Olusegun, you are an awesome man and I am lucky to have you come ahead of me. Your bluntness is not always palatable but the honesty is golden. In this age, it is rare to find a trustworthy person. Isn't it a rare priviledge to have a brother thats big with trust? God planted you in FUTA ahead of me and I tell you, God used you to help me succeed in school. I thank God for you and your wife. God bless your family.

Fadeke, my baby girl. Baby lawyer, I am proud of you, your love for God and family. You know I heart you, right? You are awesome and I can't wait to see the greater strides ahead. It was really exciting watching you grow with me. Your troubles when you were younger is a memory I cherish of my childhood.

I can't thank God enough for family and friends. The support I receive is enormous and I am grateful. 

I love you Grandma, "Iya Nguru, E ma pe fun wa", Grand Ma "Iya Ijebu", Daddy Gashua, I love you sir. My AvalancheNigeria Family - Tolulope Ogundiji, Dare Boade, Olaniran Olaniyi, you are great and I love you. My mentor at LEEDNigeria, Sunday Olaniran. My pastor and mentor, Pastor Francis Madojemu. I appreciate everyone that has worked with me so far on PageCarton and ComeRiver Limited, thanks for believing in me. Most especially Mayowa Olabamiji - you are great! Rotimi "Jocular" Aniogun, Femi "Labouch" Gbolagade and Osadare Ebenezer. I love you all!

I want to thank everyone for the support on the project. We have clocked our first year this week and I must say it's been great. Just last week, we recorded songs that had 10k plus interactions on our web site and I believe this is just a beginning of greater things ahead. More importantly, I am particularly glad that we have been able to help hundreds of artistes to push their songs to a world-wide audience.

Today, I am proud of PageCarton as it stands at pa with its global counterparts and its a pride for me to have championed such project. I am grateful for everyone that has helped to actualize where we are today and I am hopeful at the future that shines so bright for us. I am grateful for the new  Managers in PageCarton Community and how the ginger is shaping a better future for PageCarton. Debo Adeyele, Deborah Daniel, David Oluwasina, Mayowa Olabamiji, Isaac Daramola, Pelumi Adisa! Eshey Pupo!

Actually this year, I am hoping to revive every channel God has given me to bless humanity. It has been really tasking managing our projects in PageCarton and our operations in This year, I pray for wisdom and grace. I also pray God bring more helpers for us to win together to the glory of God. 

Last year, on my birthday, I partnered with some great fashion designers to launch a fashion brand where I showcased some of our beautiful creatives - family wears. Royal standard native clothes for everyone in the family. Due to logistic reasons, we couldn't hit the ground running with marketing and I am hoping that we can execute this year. I am going to come back to you to show you our beautiful creatives. I covet your support.

Wow, its raining on my birthday and its a heavy rain of blessings. Once again, I appreciate everyone! You are blessed!

This is the guy called Ayoola FALOLA

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  • Happy birthday to you blooda. Nations shall call you wealthy.
    • Greatness and mercy shall follow you every day of your life, thanks for your support in building the next generation of developers. Your solution is indeed one of a kind. Happy birthday Icon!
      • Baruwa Babatunde
        5 yrs ago
        Happy 31st birthday paddy! I wish and pray you answered prayers and realities to all your dreams. Llnp buddy!
        • Dorcas Bandele
          5 yrs ago
          Happy Birthday Sir. U shall actualize all ur dreams nd fulfil destiny IJN
          • Olaniyi Olaniran
            5 yrs ago
            I love you bro, continue to bask in God's grace.
            • Adeola Aderonke
              5 yrs ago
              Happy Birthday Ayoola. May you continue to be a light in this generation
              • Lucky Jeremiah
                5 yrs ago
                Happy Birthday my Boss sir Ayoola Falola, founder of PageCarton CEO comeriver. It's an honor to know you sir.
                Long life and prosperity sir.
                Jesus gains the ascendency in your heart sir.
                I love you boss.
                • Superyommy
                  5 yrs ago
                  Wishing u long life full of prosperities. Happy birthday to u. Long live pageCarton!long live come river. Com
                  • SoftMayor
                    5 yrs ago
                    Happy birthday 🎂 ogbeni Ayoola Falola

                    God bless your new age.
                    • Kuchy Daniel
                      5 yrs ago
                      Haa Pee born day to you bro

                      Waiting for a caKE OoooO
                      More great height in Jesus name
                      • Happy birth date man. Age with grace.
                        • Oluwapelumi Adisa
                          5 yrs ago
                          Happy birthday to one of the few Nigerians that inspires me. Love you sir. More wisdom, more strength and above all, more GRACE for your destiny in Jesus name
                          • Yomi Dele
                            5 yrs ago
                            Happy 31st birthday sir, my birthday too is around the corner, February 22nd, making plans to have something great for the young ones on that day.

                            We are Love!!!!