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I am the best at what I do

My name is Ayoola. Ayoola Falola. I am the best at what I do. It is not of what I am right now, it is of what I am commited to; whether in my sleep or with eyes wide open. It is not about where I am right now, but about the knowledge that there is a better place within my reach.

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I trust tomorrow

I trust tomorrow. Not the one bearing the next sunrise, but the one after – that which never fails since humans started recording days. I don’t trust her, him or them. I don’t trust me; neither do I put my trust in any other without renewals but why won’t I trust whom has always made every day expire and then clocks in a brand new day. Tomorrow is bright, better and with all the good things I dreamt about yesterday and those I will dream about tonight. Even when tom...

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