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How attention fathers a good story

Attention is the key; having a eye on the goal, having patience; giving ears to listen well to other people's "stories" and giving it a "little thought". Having the eye on the goal is a bedrock for any meaningful success.



My father, my father!

My dear father, I love you.  I thank God everyday for you. You have been a great inspiration and a symbol of courage and love. To me, to my brothers & sisters and to everyone who has known you, in love. Whoever thinks otherwise doesn’t really know you.  It’s been a challenge being a son of a great man. Having the responsibility to live up to the standards you set and yet break the barriers which limited your existence. My heart longs to uphold all the god...

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Tales of the writer’s father

Every morning in my father’s house was like judgement day - you wake up to loud bell ringing, a signal that everyone under the roof must converge at the living room for the morning devotion. If you fail to get out of bed in time, you will begin to hear some sweet songs, a feeling like heaven is waiting for you; if you dare tarry, judgement might just meet you in your sleep. Your judgement might be ordered through a piece of beating with cane - why in the world would you not wake up? Tha...

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Ember-month business prophesies

Three things will likely happen to you before this year runs out. You need to be smart to be able to choose your experience. Let us discuss those three things and how they could affect you and your business.



10 "unwritten" rules in business

The following rules are not taught in any business school but they will help you stay in business.



Heels of a worthy mentor

We often ask, "How do I know if I should listen to this person"? In choosing a mentor - results or experiences, which should be prioritized? In the following posts, I share my thoughts on what qualities to consider when selecting a "worthy" mentor.



Smart selections and choices available when selecting a niche for a product or service

One of the benefits of defining a niche early in business is that; it gives you the opportunity to make advertisements that is always on point. We will identify the options you have, while determining who to target for business.



The Train - My review and comments on the movie

I did a vigil last night watching “The Train”, a new movie by Mount Zion Films. It was such an awesome piece. While it may not seem like they have expended millions of dollars on that project, the Mount Zion films has once again proved to be a ministry set up by God for this generation. I want to use tonight to recount my experiences and share a review on the movie. The Train was a movie scripted around the circumstances that surrounded the life of the founder of the Mount ...



Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is special day. It is a day I reflect on my essence, my biological source. It's a day I look at my yoruba mirror and thank God for the life of my father. Please read on because I will be making a request of you. Today is my father's birthday and it's not a sugar coated statement to say that I am proud of him as a father and as an accomplished human being. He surely has found favor in the sight of God and God has immensely blessed him. With a virtuous wife and beautiful...

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I'm 34 and I am ready

First, let me say that I'm excited to announce my birthday to you, my friends. I try to do this every year so I could keep myself accountable and share my growth to inspire everyone around me.   Someone might ask, Ayoola, why do you do this? Well, I write first to document my thoughts, then to assess my clarity and then to share knowledge. Meanwhile, I discovered that I write now also because it's become a habit. I know not everyone will care to read, but also, not everyo...

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