First, let me say that I'm excited to announce my birthday to you, my friends. I try to do this every year so I could keep myself accountable and share my growth to inspire everyone around me.  

Someone might ask, Ayoola, why do you do this? Well, I write first to document my thoughts, then to assess my clarity and then to share knowledge. Meanwhile, I discovered that I write now also because it's become a habit. I know not everyone will care to read, but also, not everyone is my audience (as regards my writings).  

Back to the reason for writing - today marks the 34th year I was born. Born in a very humble background to some remarkable parents; I owe everything I am today to my parents - my father and mother - super great people who God has used to help me be most of the good that people get to admire about me today. 

You see, I've grown to appreciate that every man has got a fine spirit that God has deposited in them at creation - but we all need people around us to help us harness the spirit and to help us grow into being the person we ought to be. I appreciate the input of my close friends and family in my life in this regard. 

Last year, I mentioned to you that I was going into politics for real. Well, true to my words, I am now a full-blown politician. Since my earliest consciousness, I have known that I would one day get involved in governance. And since 2019, I began to sense the need for urgency, as though it is time to come out and do something tangible with that talent God has deposited in me for my people. 

So, in the past few days I have shared it in my inner circle and Political Think Tank group that I am beginning to take active steps for 2023 and that I would like to declare my real intentions in the next couple of weeks. I have received mixed reactions and I am glad that we have great ideas to share for good. I want to be known as someone who exhausted all his talents in the best way possible. I want to leave it to God as to what outcomes I have. At this time, I am certain about my ability to lead a team of great minds to position our country for greatness. I also have the sense of the timing being perfect to take a bold step in the direction of purpose.  

Therefore, I am seeking your support as I take this step of faith. I know this journey will bring the best results for all of us. My goal actually, is to raise at least 100 of my friends to pledge a donation of 1000, 10k, 100k, 1m, etc. I am seeking this kind of support because that is a way to get everyone involved. It is a good thing to get people involved in what we are doing as our success would mean everyone's success. Selfless projects need not be personally funded. Infact, we are measuring our impact as well by the number of people that we are able to get involved in our cause. I look forward to you partnering with us on this jouney. 

To sign up now to join our political partners group, click this link -, make a pledge and be on a look out in the next few days for a big announcement.  



  • mayowa olabamiji
    2 yrs ago
    Everything will be good for good by God grace...

    Ride on sir