1. Corporate fraudstars will soon package some useless mouth-watering deals and label it: "Ember month awoof". Remember that Father Christmas is not a Nigerian. Any Father Christmas Show outside of Rome is likely a rip-off.
  2. Intensive promotions and adverts will soon inspire you to spend your year-long and hard-earned savings. My advice to you is to secure your savings in this season.
  3. If you are not into a seasonal business. Remaining few months promises to bring you more sales than you have received since January. Why? Because we all want to accomplish new things before the year runs out.
    Don't just expect it though, intensify on your promotional efforts and sue me if it doesn't work. :)

Moral Lessons:

  • Be wise!
  • Position yourself for the best of this season.
  • Spend more money on things that will bring you "returns".

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