My name is Ayoola. Ayoola Falola. I am the best at what I do. It is not of what I am right now, it is of what I am commited to; whether in my sleep or with eyes wide open. It is not about where I am right now, but about the knowledge that there is a better place within my reach.

I go to sleep to be better, I stay awake to be better. I play to be better,  I work to be better. I think about being better and I act on being better. Not to be better than a fellow human but to be better than the human I am today. 

I have joy in what I do because I am convinced that in the little things I do, a part of this world is being changed for the better. I feel joy about the life I touch, my ability to correct my wrongs and the knowledge about how much more I could achieve while I grow.

I care less of what people think of me now. I am not even bothered about changing anyone's perception of me. I care about my legitimate responsibilities, I care about what I do for work or for passion and I care about life, GOOD life.

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