Some Nigerians sure don't know how (and when) to express their dissatisfaction over deprivation they suffer. Before you boycott DSTV or GOTV, read this:

I just received this message from someone:

DSTV Enough Is Enough!! Fellow Nigerians, let's ALL boycott DSTV & GoTv services of MultiChoice Nig Ltd from April 1st 2015 for their planned & exploitative tariff increase which they want to FOIST on the over 2 million subscribers they have in Nigeria on April 1st 2015 (See front pg 9/3/15 Guardian newspaper). Enough is ENOUGH! Nigerians will ​no longer tolerate this! We will ​no longer tolerate the lack of Pay-as-you-Watch services they offer in South Africa & other countries but in Nigeria they keep our accounts run​ning even when ​we travel & there is no-one at home to utilize the service even though they know these Countries have less subscribers/population than Nigeria. They must implement PAY-AS-U-WATCH in Nigeria on April 1st & lower tarifs, ​we insist on it, ​we are not April Fools! They must make that Pay-as-u-watch service EASY  for Nigerians to access with ​no tricks or long queues to sign up  for it. ​No more substandard decoders!! Their monopolostic exploitative tendencies must end in Nigeria! As the Arab Spring brought change of Govt in the Middle East, this "DSTV Spring" must bring change, better services & lower prices come April 1st 2015 if ​we all unite as one! PLEASE re-broadcast this to everyone on your WhatsApp, BBm & WeChat contact list, Tweet it, post it on your FB Status till our VOICE is heard & heeded to in their South African Head Office & this is done, Change Must Come! DSTV Enough is Enough!

They didn't boycott NEPA when they doubled (or tripled) tariff. They didn't boycott your government for not signing FOI or PIB.

State governments increasing school fees and they refuse to increase the minimum wage. Federal government devalued your currency without consulting you, silently turning the money you have in your wallet into plain sheets of paper.

But they will boycott DSTV, for increasing tariff. They think they are not Nigerians too. LOL. Please read your constitution. No company in Nigeria is 100percent foreign. Nigerians hold up to 50 percent shares in DSTV.

You want DSTV to continue to provide excellent service to you at the same rate when your government has continued to devalue the currency. You want to send DSTV to the same place you sent HITV. Um?

Please boycott your government, not DSTV. If you boycott DSTV, many Nigerians will lose their daily bread. You can also ask your government to check their excesses, if there are any.

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