Goodluck Jonathan is the worst thing that happened to Nigeria since the Biafrian war

Going by the information flying around in the corners of Nigeria. Frustrated by the happens around - fuel scarcity, huge debt incurred for generations to come. Some people are now saying that the nation is in a worse situation than it was in 1970 when Nigeria survived it's first civil war.


FREE Website Design Training for Entrepreneurs

@AyoolaFalola - Who wants to start and finish a website/app tonight? I want to personally tutor 50 lucky entrepreneurs to build their website easily using @PageCarton. Tutorial starts 8pm sharp.  I am overwhelmed by DMs. I received about 200 requests for the FREE Website Design Masterclass. I can't attend to DMs again please.  So I will extend the free slot to 50 participants. We will use a bigger platform to host the class. Now head to


Here's my latest announcement on PageCarton

Good day PageCarton people. Its a great season and I am excited about the opportunity it brings.


What's the correct way to say one's name?

Is it to say the first name first or the last name first? Whats the correct order in Nigeria.


Listen to Music

Non-stop music from


It's my 31st Birthday and I am grateful

Today is first day of my 31st year on planet earth. Yippee! My prayer Lord, "Teach me oh God, to number my days; so I may go in the path of wisdom and give honor to you alone." Today is not only my birthday, it is also the birth day of a lot of my dreams and aspirations. I am grateful for life and every beautiful things it affords me. Today, in history is also the day I founded/conceived PageCarton and


What to do next year

Here are ideas on what you can include in your new year plans and resolutions. Good luck sha!


Ayoola Falola, Founder of PageCarton will speak at Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2018.

Ayoola Falola, Founder of PageCarton will speak at Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2018.* He will speak at a panel discussion on *Operating In The Digital World Economy*


BVN Scam is not about BVN

A lot of legitimate organizations ask for BVN but a lot of people are panicky because of the Notorious BVN scams. Now heres what you need to know about BVN


Are software developers born or made?

This conversation started as a Facebook post. I was "jejely" minding my business when Ibrahim dragged me into the conversation by tagging me. Then I decided to write an article instead to share my opinion. Be warned though, my opinion may be bias, based on my personal experiences and outlook on life.


PageCarton Theme Design Competition

Do you write HTML codes? Participate in PageCarton Theme Design Competition and win exciting prizes. Cash Prizes and other valuables worth 50k are to be shared to top submissions monthly. Get started now on Benefits 1. Cash prizes for top 5 participants monthly 2. PageCarton swags (T-shirts/Face caps) for first sets of participants 3. Instant Employment for high performing participants 4. Learn the tool that gives more value to...


I am the best at what I do

My name is Ayoola. Ayoola Falola. I am the best at what I do. It is not of what I am right now, it is of what I am commited to; whether in my sleep or with eyes wide open. It is not about where I am right now, but about the knowledge that there is a better place within my reach.

Personal Declaration

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