Here is how to make a profitable website

Money doesn't grow on websites but websites grow into money. Got it? Here's how:

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Money doesn't grow on websites but websites grow into money. Got it? Here's how:

1. Create a website about who you are or what you do or whatever you care about. Use a competent web developer.

2. Put your website to work by constantly putting up content and new features. Get a website you can easily update by yourself.

3. Constantly share your website everywhere people will see it and relate with the content of your website. Social media, online or offline. 

4. Be consistent 

5. Repeat step 2 to step 4 until you see the result you want.


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  • Isaac
    2 months ago
    But I think people believe that without inborn ability, doing some thing would look un-natural. I believe that inborn helps expression of inner abilities effortless. Which why some people finds it enjoying to code; while others sees it as extra work.
    • isaac daramola
      2 months ago
      That support your that.
      • Hadir
        2 months ago
        Wow, really grateful indeed, don't know how much this information would cost getting into the hand of information marketers..😁😀
        • Adeleke Ademola
          5 months ago
          Yeah I support your comments especially number three.. They need to involve CIA because they want to hail them. Also, I see the film as any other film not so special to me.
          • Haneef
            3 months ago
            Yeparipa. Why did he collect money. Drivers and money sha
            • Tosin Ayodele
              3 months ago
              Hahahaha. This knowledge has just been archived. Thanks!
              • Akoson Favour
                3 months ago
                Ayo_ola... Thank God,... Knowledge saved... Thanks for sharing... Make sure u give testimony in church o.. Lol
                • Tolulope
                  3 months ago
                  Thank God ..... Hmmmm, so happy..
                  • mayowa
                    3 months ago
                    Thank God you are save but are you seriuos, the cab man collect money from you guys after all that happen.


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