1. One is more likely to have more opportunities than problems in every situations.

2. Every new thing; presents it's own unique opportunities.

3. Opportunity don't usually come out well packaged with a name-tag on it.

4. It's easier to spot an opportunity from the outside than from the inside.

5. Taking an opportunity entails leaving one. The economists will remember "Opportunity Cost".

6. Preparation is not a pre-requisite for an opportunity. If you are not qualified, it's not your opportunity.

7. The process of "making a living" is similar to the process of "discovering an opportunity".

8. Some of the most trivialized opportunities are friendship, location, lineage, peace, marriage.

9. Commonly abused Opportunities are sex, leadership, social amenities and public infrastructures.

10. Opportunity is never a destination, it is usually a layer that has a capability of replenishing itself.

11. As an opportunity gives you some privileges, it also takes some from you.

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