Hey friends... based on popular demand. Here's my advice to you on how to spot fake "businesses". 1. No product or service offering, yet money is exchanging hands.

2. Non disclosure of the origin of the profits.

Be cautious (very cautious) of the following "businesses": 1. Network marketing
2. Peer-to-peer fund raising
3. Trading Non physical items. Stock/forex/cryptocurrency.
4. So ogun di ogoji (money doubling/flipping)

They are so filled with a lot of dirty games you may never understand. Please stay clear of them. Don't be enticed even if it seems like it's paying other people ehn. I repeat... don't be enticed. On a later day, I'll take time to explain how all these things work.

If you must do any of these, make sure you are the owner of the concept. A word is enough for the wise.

Categories: cyber-security