Why we should let Muslims wear Hijabs in Nigeria

I wish to join the ongoing conversation about the rights of women to wear hijabs in Nigeria. Sometimes I wonder why this kind of things get so much vibes. Why are we so concerned when we are being divided along tribal or religious lines? Someone was not called to bar because she chose to wear hijab, but Why? Before you crucify me for my point of view, “read finish, ehn”?

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This is why I send promotional messages to my friends

My friends regularly hear from me. Some may wonder why I never stop sending messages. BCs, promoted messages and adverts here and there. That's how we keep business running. 

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How to kickstart that million-dollar idea

That million-dollar idea you have doesn't need much to fly

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How Mozilla Firefox give undue advantage to Google and other Search Engines

I don't know if this is intentional or Google is paying Mozilla but i don't understand why Firefox makes it confusing to do exactly what it is made to do. The home page of firefox has an address bar on the top and a search box in the middle of the page. Most people just go straight to the search box not knowing it is not the address bar. That makes most traffic go to the search engines first.

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Online manual and documentation for PageCarton is now LIVE.

The Online PageCarton Documentation and Manual is Ready. You can now learn and contribute to the knowledge base without any barriers. The direct link is  Go to Pagecarton Docs You can read up articles on how to make use of PageCarton and also create your own to add to the knowledgebase. Kindly refer to the document I sent earlier for suggested topics we need help on. If you need help getting started, kindly share and someone will guide you. 

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