I personally believe circle of friends are a great place to start sharing ones business ideas. When I co-founded ComeRiver.com - the website development outfit, my first few clients came from my circle of family and friends. The next clients came via referrals from my family and friends. It's a continuous means of benefiting from great relationships.

My friends regularly hear from me. Some may wonder why I never stop sending messages. BCs, promoted messages and adverts here and there. That's how we keep business running. 

Why do I keep sending you mesages? If you keep receiving my messages, it is because I believe you or someone you know needs some of the services that we offer. 

We specialize in using the best medium to push your ideas online. Of what use is an idea of a product or service that's unknown to people? We provide the best ways to get your ideas the rock-star impression online. 

I am certain you need our services. Maybe not now, but you surely will, or someone close to you. 

My question for you today is: what can we do for you today? It may be a website design or re-design, logo, social media/SEO, internet marketing, just any question you have. You can reach me on using the contact section. 

Will you help me share this message right now? You will be doing me a great favor 👍