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Ayoola is a leading cybersecurity expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 but today, he runs - an outfit that provides top-notch website development, online marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.


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I am the best at what I do

My name is Ayoola. Ayoola Falola. I am the best at what I do. It is not of what I am right now, it is of what I am commited to; whether in my sleep or with eyes wide open. It is not about where I am right now, but about the knowledge that there is a better place within my reach.

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It's my 31st Birthday and I am grateful

Today is first day of my 31st year on planet earth. Yippee! My prayer Lord, "Teach me oh God, to number my days; so I may go in the path of wisdom and give honor to you alone." Today is not only my birthday, it is also the birth day of a lot of my dreams and aspirations. I am grateful for life and every beautiful things it affords me. Today, in history is also the day I founded/conceived PageCarton and

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I am 32 and Fabulous

2020 is a great year, the year I turn 32. I am grateful for a lot – first for the good life and also for the wonderful people that have crossed my path in the last year. This time of the year is not only significant to me because of it being my birthday, it is even more so a day I have given birth to many other things that make up my life. This is not a day to drop a long epistle, but I being a somewhat deep person do better when I put down my thoughts before I share. So as the Psalm...

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I'm 34 and I am ready

First, let me say that I'm excited to announce my birthday to you, my friends. I try to do this every year so I could keep myself accountable and share my growth to inspire everyone around me.   Someone might ask, Ayoola, why do you do this? Well, I write first to document my thoughts, then to assess my clarity and then to share knowledge. Meanwhile, I discovered that I write now also because it's become a habit. I know not everyone will care to read, but also, not everyo...

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Is Mandel Washington Fellowship really an invitation by President Barack Obama or is it an independence gift to Nigerians?

I think you should also apply. It promises to be a great - an opportunity to have a presidential privilege in the United States of America. You would have access to training, mentors, networks, funds; just everything you need to make a great leader of world standard.



Java vs. Python – Which programming language is best to start with?

It is a common discussion nowadays, whenever a programming newbie asks what language he should learn, a debate would soon ensue involving whether they should go for one language or the other. Most of the time, I try to avoid the needless arguments and say anyone willing to start a career in software development should just close eye and pick a language. Because really, it doesn't matter what platform/language you start with, the spirit/art of "programming/coding" is in fact o...

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What's the correct way to say one's name?

Is it to say the first name first or the last name first? Whats the correct order in Nigeria.



Why Presidential? Why not any of the local or state positions?

It is a frequently asked question and comments from people who wanted to know why I didn't opt to contest for any of the local government or state or legislative positions and why I decided to run for position of President of Nigeria. I really do not have a specific answer to give but an explanation that suggests that running for this office is itself a strategy on its own. I do have a vision for our society that bothers on how our society can be transformed to that which justice a...



How to help a politician you love

Here is how you can help your family, friends or your favorite politician who is running for office. Since I made it known to the public that I am running for the position of the President of Nigeria, I have received a lot of messages from people, asking me how they could help out. Most of the time, I am lost for what to say, because this aspiration comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures. It's hard for me to quickly figure out which of the responsibilities are available to just...



My Vision for a Great Nigeria

I hold a vision that one day in our lifetime, Nigeria will be a great country the world would reckon with.  That Nigeria will become a country we can proudly say it's ours and entrust our future in. That we can one day hold the Nigerian passport with pride and know that's all we need to dominate on the earth and beyond.  Sadly, the Nigeria of today is not one most Nigerians are proud of - being that the nation has let a lot of her citizens down in many occasions. She has also ...



Making all the sense out of PageCarton

When I started to write the codes of PageCarton in 2011, it seemed like the crazy thing to do. But then, crazy was not new to me. People around me knows me to be an ambassador for crazy. I thought we could have a web framework that could be broken down into tiny bits. So I thought about breaking down web content into smaller “widgets” which will have their own independent URL, classes and links. Then, I envisioned we could programmatically call each wid...



We just launched Comeriver Workplace

Yippee! I am so glad we were able to rapidly deploy Comeriver Workplace Software Suite. Many thanks to God for the grace given to me and everyone who worked on the development team. Though it was a long overdue task, I must say the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak was just the valid ginger needed to expedite development. My work in the recent years have made me believe we need to do better to help our corporate workforce be efficient and productive. I’ve seen many employees abandon...



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