I want to get a better chance into tomorrow, so I hold my ware like a soldier would wield a riffle - ready for war. As entrepreneurs, are we not the millennial warriors? The marketplace is the warfront. Whatever we do - whether playing dirty, playing easy or playing safe, we strive daily not to get eaten. People get eaten in our world where no one owes us a handout; for every single day we don’t sell, we so fade; we keep fading until we become like a used toilet paper, flushed and gone. Every prospect lost goes with a part of our blood already drained out.

Adjudged to be one of the biggest jobs on the planet - there is truly no one, there is nothing that can define us singlehandedly. We live to determine a lot about how the world advances and how the life of its people get better. On our success, the world celebrates. Suddenly, humanity marvels at how they’ve managed to live before then – the new awesome baby in our hands has rendered the past life unthinkable. Our failure on the other hand can be devastating; suddenly, we become a subject of shame, depression and the most horrible of it being that the lives we hoped to change for the better will for a while longer impoverish in the cursed old order.

We being artists have painted in our bright minds a future we hope to see. We would not just sit back to see it happen, we wake up every day to the canvas, trying to draw on it to match what is as real already in imagination. Set backs are common in our everyday dealings, they bring so much pain and disbelief; in fact, they earn us all sorts of mockery and also introduces some flashes of regrets. But we rise up with that dashing strength from deep within to wash the canvas back to blank, only to get on the road again with the hope afresh and alive.

Miracles do have a different meaning in our dictionary. No, we are actually the living miracle people talk about. Countless times, we take that leap of faith to advance the hustle - only to meet a new kind of luck we never knew existed. We do the things most people would never dare - to go down the road where failure seemed imminent, but still fail to accept it as ours even when it’s staring in the face.

When we talk about our babies - the little things we create, some see it as just another way to rip them of their precious jewels. How do we tell them, that what we have in our hands is only a tool; a weapon which is not fashioned to hurt but to maintain order in the new world that is emerging for everyone. A weapon in our hand being firstly our own version of a better future for all, also an evidence of our constant progress and then, a signature of our status today to match with our future improvements.

Why do we need a weapon though? Weapons are wielded where force is required, where no excuse is tolerated for failure. We bear arms, so we can sell. We must sell today, so we can come back to sell tomorrow. If we don’t sell, remember how we fade?  Hunger, discouragement, fatigue and hopelessness help us fade constantly; Every single sale on the other hand, brings some smile on the face; brightening us up a little more and help us get through the next few days. This is why sales must come; yes, it must come by all means necessary. So, we sell because our lives depend on it. We sell because it’s our duty to humanity, to create a beauty out of nature and put a value on it.

I found out though, that every sale acquired is worth all the rejections preceding it plus all the efforts put together to make it a reality. We understand it’s our business to take down all obstacles, like a soldier would struggle to cross enemy lines just to make a win. We cross numerous hurdles to get through to all that seems like a prospect. We swim in the deep dark waters but towards the faint light we see, with so much hope or hopelessness. Sometimes we have faith, sometimes fear grips; but still we ride. Sometimes we are happy for no reason, sometimes it’s hard to do joy; but still we grind. We are made for rough times, but we are actually made to bring great times.

So, the next time I come to you with any of my wares, be aware of this: that I have two choices in front of me: to sell or to fade. No matter what I say to you or what you had in mind before I arrive at your gaze, know this also: that I am putting no other choice in front of you, but for you to be the one to help us win. Should I apologize in advance for whatever I would do to make your only choice easy for you? Nah! No apologies, because we now know it is in everyone’s interest that I do not fade. Truly, nothing defines us than that we do sell like a soldier man.

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