In America First Name, Middle Name and Last Name are used. In America, first name comes first, and last name comes last. That's American way. 

We have a different system in Nigeria. In Nigeria, we use "Given Name", "Surname" and "Other Names". In Nigeria, Surname comes first, Given name comes second and other names follows.  You can confirm that in official documents and examination papers like WAEC, NECO etc.

Its just so sad that Nigeria most times copies the UK system and adulterate it with American system. What the americans call last name is called Family Name in some locale and its also called surname in some locale. Trust Nigerians for adapting from multiple societies and merging it into a "sweet tautology". But how is best. 

Meanwhile, generally or internationally for writing purpose, a way of keeping it formalized is to always capitalize the last name/surname.

E.g. I can write Ayoola FALOLA. Or FALOLA Ayoola. One name capitalized signifies the surmame/lastname.  But thats in writing.

For pronouncing the name, I think internationally, its accepted to say the last name twice. Remember 007? Whenever he wants to say his name. He says my name is Bond; James Bond. So I can say my name is Falola; Ayoola Falola.

Well. That's my thought. Thanks.

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