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How to help a politician you love

Here is how you can help your family, friends or your favorite politician who is running for office. Since I made it known to the public that I am running for the position of the President of Nigeria, I have received a lot of messages from people, asking me how they could help out. Most of the time, I am lost for what to say, because this aspiration comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures. It's hard for me to quickly figure out which of the responsibilities are available to just...



It's my 31st Birthday and I am grateful

Today is first day of my 31st year on planet earth. Yippee! My prayer Lord, "Teach me oh God, to number my days; so I may go in the path of wisdom and give honor to you alone." Today is not only my birthday, it is also the birth day of a lot of my dreams and aspirations. I am grateful for life and every beautiful things it affords me. Today, in history is also the day I founded/conceived PageCarton and

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Tales of the writer’s father

Every morning in my father’s house was like judgement day - you wake up to loud bell ringing, a signal that everyone under the roof must converge at the living room for the morning devotion. If you fail to get out of bed in time, you will begin to hear some sweet songs, a feeling like heaven is waiting for you; if you dare tarry, judgement might just meet you in your sleep. Your judgement might be ordered through a piece of beating with cane - why in the world would you not wake up? Tha...

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I trust tomorrow

I trust tomorrow. Not the one bearing the next sunrise, but the one after – that which never fails since humans started recording days. I don’t trust her, him or them. I don’t trust me; neither do I put my trust in any other without renewals but why won’t I trust whom has always made every day expire and then clocks in a brand new day. Tomorrow is bright, better and with all the good things I dreamt about yesterday and those I will dream about tonight. Even when tom...

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Let’s talk about my journey as a tech innovator

The path to innovation is truly a lonely road. If you must go through it, please think twice. When people hail you, know that they don’t mean it, in fact they didn’t really mean to hail you - they just had a moment to sit and wonder why you still haven’t give up yet. They wish they had your grace, your fire and grit. No one admires you, they just covet what you have; or let’s say they covet what they think you have? In 2011 when I decided to abandon my degree in Arc...

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Know the Classification of IT Career Paths

So I’ve received a number of requests on my DM asking what career options to go for in the IT industry. Beyond passion and what we know, some education is needed to help guide us in the right direction I love to classify jobs in IT (and by extension software development) space into 3 types.   The classification is based on the kind of opportunities you can get from there. Based on where you:   Can only get a job with it i.e. after certification or school, ...

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E chat with Ayoola Falola - Journey to being a Cyber Security Expert

Ejiro Osakede -  is no news that in the new normal we all have to be tech-savvy. And one of the relevant skills to acquire this season is coding.  On this episode of E-chat, I had an engaging chat with Ayoola Falola who has been in the tech industry for over a decade and has several awesome and praiseworthy products in the online.  His love for computer started when he was about 6yrs old and that love and drive pushed him to self-teach himself about computer literacy. Alt...



Stop Praying, Start Working

In the prayer room one of these nights; I was “scabashing” as usual. I would do this one-hour everyday at least for about three years. It was great, great experience - so much spiritual growth, I got to realize and experience first-hand what believers authority meant.   I had outgrown petty sicknesses; eternal yoke of poverty had been broken. Miracles became a norm for me. I saw it happen so frequently that I got used to it. God is good. Above all, I received the certif...

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Why I celebrate Christmas

It's Christmas and it's a season of love. I woke up this morning to a post from someone about why he and some other "Christians" don't celebrate Christmas.

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The testimony of a first-class hustle

It was at the thanksgiving service of the Gospel Students Fellowship (GSF) in FUTA sometime in the later part of 2010. We the final year student members of the fellowship were to come out to share our testimonies. We took turns to talk about our five-year program in school. At first I couldn’t go out; I didn’t know what to say. Everyone else had a somewhat great experience going through school. How they never had a D, E or F; how they had the best results in their class,...

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My Vision for a Great Nigeria

I hold a vision that one day in our lifetime, Nigeria will be a great country the world would reckon with.  That Nigeria will become a country we can proudly say it's ours and entrust our future in. That we can one day hold the Nigerian passport with pride and know that's all we need to dominate on the earth and beyond.  Sadly, the Nigeria of today is not one most Nigerians are proud of - being that the nation has let a lot of her citizens down in many occasions. She has also ...



My father, my father!

My dear father, I love you.  I thank God everyday for you. You have been a great inspiration and a symbol of courage and love. To me, to my brothers & sisters and to everyone who has known you, in love. Whoever thinks otherwise doesn’t really know you.  It’s been a challenge being a son of a great man. Having the responsibility to live up to the standards you set and yet break the barriers which limited your existence. My heart longs to uphold all the god...

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