Do we really need a tutorial on how to help a friend? Well, let's go through this and see if it helps us become more friendly and also beneficial to people around us.

  1. Make a list of your friends and keep it up to date

    Why is this important? Well, I don't have much explanation - I just know there are cases where it comes handy. Can you imagine even God has a list of His friends - He called it The Book of Life. Call it whatever name you like, but everyone needs a list of names they would give priorities too when it matters.
  2. Be in touch with them often

    Spend quality time with them whether through telephone, chat or by physical visits and hang outs. Depression is real and you never know what they are going through - your genuine and friendly contact may be the only inspiration they could get at some point. When you are doing this, ensure you are not using the contact opportunity to put a pressure on them. Don't be that friend that calls or visit only when you need help.
  3. Do valuable things for them

    Give them things - money and other things they value. People can forget anyone; but things you do for people further impress you in their hearts. I'm not talking about buying alcohol for them, or showing off your financial capacity by bankrolling what they do not need. Can you give about 2 mins to think deeply about what a friend need? Can you go out of your way to them do it for them?
  4. Constantly assure them they can rely on you

    Tell them if they need "2k urgently", you got them. Tell them if they get arrested, they could call you to bail them out. Tell them if they need someone to talk to, you would be there and not judge them. You will be surprised how many of those you say are your besties go through some deep problems and they couldn't relate with you because they don't know what to expect from you.
  5. Recommend them for a job

    There's definitely something your friend is good at that can earn him more. There's also someone you know that can give some benefits to your friend. There's always an advantage you have that your friend can benefit from. Spend your recommendation currency on your friends - else you are wasting away precious resources God gave you. When you help a friend this way, you have passively helped yourself by strengthening your network and also empowered someone in your circle. The more empowered people in your circle are, the more empowered you are.
  6. Help share their message

    Reach and social proof are now a very expensive resource. Social media have become a business arena serving just a few. The giants determines who you can reach and how far your views can go. When you help share a message originating from your friend, you have shared your social power with your friend and trust me, it's worth more than you can imagine. So, react to their post, share a friendly comment (also a way of reaching out to them), and don't forget to share their message with your network.
  7. Pray for your friends

    Well, this doesn't have to be elaborate to be effective. You don't have to go to the mountain on their matter. When they cross your mind, why not just say a word of prayer for them? If your friend is going through a difficulty and you are aware, why not take some time to pray for them? It works. Jesus prayed for Peter. That was the only thing that redeem him from an impending destruction.


Was this helpful? Did you learn something from this post? Then share with your true friends. You may also add other things you feel can be done for friends in the comment section. 

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