Story story... Once upon a time, oops! actually, it was last night. I was going home and I came to a T junction near my house... That junction is notorious for heavy traffic and I've got cause to volunteer to control traffic there once in a while. So I decided to stop again to help out - traffic was building up already, I could see. The situation is always better when someone is in charge to control it. 

I thought as usual, everything would be resolved in 1 hour or less. But see me see trouble o, I was there for almost 4 hours. I don't know where all those vehicles were coming from, the traffic was just mad. But then, I was determined to see to the end of the problem. I knew I was doing the right thing - helping people get home on time. I was literally helping my fellow citizens cut down the useless and unproductive time they would have spent in traffic. 

But then after the first hour, the next three or so hours was so inconvenient - my back was already aching seriously. Every parts of my body from my legs to my feet were literally begging me to find somewhere to sit. I wish there was someone that could take over while I take some time to rest. I kept on. 

While I was fighting to keep my body in check, I encountered many inpatient drivers and bike riders who won't stop when I begged them to. I encountered those raining abuses and other things. Meanwhile, I also encountered some people who were appreciative of my service - someone even tried to give me money on the road. That actually made me smile for real. 

I did everything with a smile though. I tried to keep a smiley and calm face. I know I wasn't doing it for anyone. I just found myself in a situation where I can dedicate time to serve and I did and I will continue to do it for as long as I can. 

Meanwhile, while I was doing this, I realised this truth that - no job is easy.  So, next time we pass by someone working diligently, let us try not to abuse them - let us treat them with gratitude and respect. You never know what pains they go through to deliver that service you don't seem to appreciate.

Thanks for reading my story!