So I finally saw the 'Black Panther'. Nice movie. Good story; sincerely, it's not overrated. Also, the story is another narrative about Africa. We know Africa needs more of this kind of movies - viewing the geographical piece of the black race from another angle.


A lot of action, suspense and drama. However, I still got some criticism. Mostly based on my personal bias. Well opinionated points so don't take them personal.


  1. Just like most other Hollywood movies I have seen that tried to cover Africa, the producers did a really shitty job about getting to know the area they are trying to portray. With the kind of budget the movie has, I believe they could have done a lot more. It's like you are telling a story and you don't even know the full story. But it's okay, it's Africa; no one cares about the full story of Africa, right? No wonder everything that accurately relate to the real African stories are the ones you could easily get from the western media. Sambisa Forest, Chibok girls, the dresses, the Benin mask in the London museum, etc. Sure, they knew they needed some true stories to validate or register the Wakanda myth. But can we say there are no good inspiring african stories? They are all available in the public media. What research can we say the producers actually made towards making Wakanda seem African? What contributions have they made to actually promote a good and true African story. Oh I see the suya on the street... but kilode?


  1. While the story was suppose to bring hope and express the richness of African culture and its resources, it may have also painted the continent as bad. Because the movie made us believe everywhere else in Africa is a 'shithole' except 'Wakanda'. The good thing is after seeing the movie, people may just want to visit Africa. The bad thing is that no one would want to visit anywhere close to Sambisa Forest. Everyone would want to visit Wakanda. But where in the world is Wakanda? It's definitely not an African destination. Wakanda is a place in the comic books of a U.S. company - Marvel. More people across the world will purchase that book for their children. How does Wakanda translate to any economic relevance to Africa?

  2. Finally... there was chaos in Wakanda and then this oyinbo guy was there to help them shoot down planes. Okay, there are brilliant guys in the Nigerian Navy too that could have done that stunt. But I guess an Hollywood story isn't complete until an American is glorified.


That's my own review o. Have u seen the Black Panther? What do you think about the movie? Leave a comment.




  • Adeleke Ademola
    6 yrs ago
    Yeah I support your comments especially number three.. They need to involve CIA because they want to hail them. Also, I see the film as any other film not so special to me.