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Ayoola is a leading cyber-security expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 and today, he has founded PageCarton a platform that has championed a new set of tools to publish content to the internet through web sites and apps.


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Stop Praying, Start Working

In the prayer room one of these nights; I was “scabashing” as usual. I would do this one-hour everyday at least for about three years. It was great, great experience - so much spiritual growth, I got to realize and experience first-hand what believers authority meant.   I had outgrown petty sicknesses; eternal yoke of poverty had been broken. Miracles became a norm for me. I saw it happen so frequently that I got used to it. God is good. Above all, I received the certif...

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Know the Classification of IT Career Paths

So I’ve received a number of requests on my DM asking what career options to go for in the IT industry. Beyond passion and what we know, some education is needed to help guide us in the right direction I love to classify jobs in IT (and by extension software development) space into 3 types.   The classification is based on the kind of opportunities you can get from there. Based on where you:   Can only get a job with it i.e. after certification or school, ...

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The Train - My review and comments on the movie

I did a vigil last night watching “The Train”, a new movie by Mount Zion Films. It was such an awesome piece. While it may not seem like they have expended millions of dollars on that project, the Mount Zion films has once again proved to be a ministry set up by God for this generation. I want to use tonight to recount my experiences and share a review on the movie. The Train was a movie scripted around the circumstances that surrounded the life of the founder of the Mount ...

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We just launched Comeriver Workplace

Yippee! I am so glad we were able to rapidly deploy Comeriver Workplace Software Suite. Many thanks to God for the grace given to me and everyone who worked on the development team. Though it was a long overdue task, I must say the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak was just the valid ginger needed to expedite development. My work in the recent years have made me believe we need to do better to help our corporate workforce be efficient and productive. I’ve seen many employees abandon...

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Pestilence . Religion . Nations . Midgets

It’s interesting to see how the whole world bows to just one small virus. I laugh! Why? Well, dark days are here but those who parade themselves as flood lights has gone to hide. Now the whole street is hopeless; the world groans and we are in obvious disarray. Our kids will laugh at us when they go through the history books and find out how the midget cripple our giants. Didn’t we also wondered how the world lived without antibiotics. When people died in millions to harmful mi...

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