Just heard a testimony of someone being remanded in prison for three years for a crime he knew nothing about.

It was later found that there was even no record that he was in prison. It was when Chief Justice intervened that the truth was revealed

Things like this makes me mad. The fact that justice is never done... who will compensate this guy for the 3yrs of his life lost? Who will pay for the true crime against him?

I have grown so much passion for the illegal incarcerations in Nigerian prisons. I really wish we can have a reform that will help sanitize the judiciary of this country. While I was in the youth service, we ran a prison evangelism program that intimated me with some of these issues and my mind hasnt left that mess. What can we do to clean this up? I believe the spirit of these people being dealt with so much injustice won’t let us have a great country we want for us and our children and children’s children. We need to act now and not wait for the next victim to be revealed.

Why is it that people don’t care about cases like this until it happens to them or a loved one? Why do we allow this to continue in our society? 

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