Wondering how to spice up your new year? Here are three things I've compiled that you could do.

Learn a new skill

Learn something new that you could be paid to do. The new skill I want to learn is how to play a guitar. I have been trying to learn this thing for 8 years. God help me this year.

If you are unsure about the skill, lemme give you a hint. You can learn to design or sew dresses,to make hair, make up art, phone repair, website development etc.

By the way, we are starting website and mobile apps development training in a few weeks, you can enrol in one of our classes. We have online classes and in-person training. Just send me a message on my website http://ayoo.la/about/contact

Start a new business

Up your game in the financial world by expanding your cash flow through creating a new source of income. To some, it may be to start a new business and to some, they already have ideas on how they could expand their existing enterprise to be able to serve more customers.

Whatever it is, don't waste time, implement those ideas as soon as possible. Just don't forget to consult us when it's time to build a website for it or creating a professional logo and other branding and marketing materials. Those are the things we can do to help you get started ASAP.

I've written simple ways to kickstart that idea here: "How to kickstart that million-dollar idea" -  http://ayoo.la/2017/11/01/how-to-kickstart-that-million-dollar-ideaidea.html

Go on an adventure

Go somewhere, anywhere to just have fun. Hmm this is something I am also trying to do better. I planned to go to Kano last year but just couldn't make it happen. When I had the ginger to go, my bank account wasn't smiling, and when I thought I had the resources, the ginger dropped. This year, I must go out to three new Nigerian cities just to have fun and make new friends. And we should all go out there and see new places. It sure refreshes the mind and open our eyes to new possibilities and ways of life. Travel, they say is another form of education, don't deny yourself the opportunity.

So that is it from me. Over to you, what other ways do you think people could spice up their year? Or lemme ask, what things do you plan to do this year? Comment below

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