Whether you like it or not, Mrs. Jonathan is the most popular First Lady in Nigeria (in recent times). She's one of the few Nigerians that one cannot afford to ignore, no matter one's perception of her. With a lot of English "lexical" and grammatical blunders that has been accredited to her, the name "Patience Jonathan" seems to be synonymous to bad (or dangerous?) English.

Above all, the society plays a trick on all of us, allowing us to be carried away with what doesn't [really] matter; while we miss out on very important lessons we ought to acquire from life.

While watching NTA news; there was Dame Patience Jonathan in Ekiti State, canvassing for votes for her dear husband, President Jonathan. At that point, I began to realize that she has been a great "business associate". Then, I took the following notes:

  1. Your success isn't dependent on what you do/don't have. It's dependent on how you use what you have. So you can't speak Queen’s English? You are not as pretty, intelligent and/rich as your peers? Your success isn't dependent on that. Your success is dependent on what you do with the things you have. So what do you have?
  2. There's greatness in embracing supporting roles. Not everyone must become presidents, CEOs, General Overseers. Supporting roles are NOT less honourable: Vice Presidents, Mummy GOs, First Lady, Associates etc. Quickly find your place and occupy it without shame. Where's your place?
  3. You achieve more when you are "deaf", but not "dumb" to the crowd. When addressing a "crowd", your ears are more of a liability; your mouth is more of an asset.
  4. Grammar don't pay the bills, work does. Grammar ranks very low on the preference lists of most employers nowadays. The NSCDC guy that pioneered the "oga at the top" slogan is employed. I'm certain he can't speak queens English.
  5. Whoever you chose to be, you will have a fair share of both fans and critics. Isn't it then a wise thing to be originally oneself? Being original is not a guarantee of everyone's approval. It is a guarantee that you won't be disappointed in yourself, even when people are disappointed in you.

Question: will you marry a woman with poor [spoken] English like Mrs. Jonathan? If No, will you marry her if you are sure she could help you become president? Honest answers please...

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