It's Christmas and it's a season of love. I woke up this morning to a post from someone about why he and some other "Christians" don't celebrate Christmas.

After I read that post, I made a joke about why some people do the same things I do on Christmas and still claim they don't celebrate Christmas.

They eat, go out, have fun and sometimes, even do religious activities on that day.

So what's Christmas? What's in it that has made some people to dissociate themselves from "The day The Lord has made"? I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it isn't appropriate for anyone to build a religion around whether to celebrate on Christmas or not.

Outside religion, I celebrate Christmas for two reasons.

  1. It's usually a public holiday :). At least in Nigeria. It's a perfect day to go or spend time with family.
  2. It's at the end of the year. So it can go with the "End of the year" celebrations. So it's a perfect day to party.

So why do you celebrate Christmas? Or why do you not?