Anyone that inquires about your products or services is a very important person to you. Now what if he disappears after your first contact?

We shall consider the possibilities in the next few posts. I'm calling it the "Clients' anatomy". If that client hasn't responded, it's could mean a number of things:

  1. He is not ready for business at the moment. Maybe he doesn't have the money yet or he doesn't yet feel the need to patronize you.
  2. He's currently considering other options. In a business of many competitors, you can be sure that you would have many of this case.
  3. He forgot about your discussion. This may be temporal or permanent.
  4. He didn't mean to patronize you from DAY 1. He's just having fun asking about your products or services. You will meet a few of this set of prospects. Have you ever window-shopped? You should expect the same courtesy from a Good Samaritan :)
  5. He is doing a price survey. Such prospect actually is interested in knowing the pricing for your merchandise for one of the following reasons.
    1. He perceives that he needs it in the nearest future.
    2. He's trying to get the best pricing.
    3. He wants to start a similar business and he think it's wise to know how much his future competitors are making.

So what will you do now that he has decided not to call back? What can you do? When a client has put you on hold? Read: Client’s Anatomy: What to do while waiting for his call

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