So what will you do now that he has decided not to call back? What can you do? When a client has put you on hold?

You shouldn't fret! It's one of those things in business. Don't be the businessman that sits back, waiting for a client to call back. We shall consider a number of things you could do at this time.

  1. Identify where those prospects are coming from. Always ask about where your new customers heard about your business. Keep record of this information. It is going to help you in making decisions on advertisement.
  2. Intensify on your advertisement strategies; most especially on platforms that your prospects are coming from. According to statistics you can trust, the platform where you have the most prospects is where you would get the most customers.
  3. Keep a log of this people and put an automated prompt in place to contact them and remind them about the business conversation they initiated.
  4. Review your pricing: If the wait is becoming too long, ask if your prospect has a budget you didn't match. Work out means to get the job done within the means of the client.

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