Let’s talk about my journey as a tech innovator

The path to innovation is truly a lonely road. If you must go through it, please think twice. When people hail you, know that they don’t mean it, in fact they didn’t really mean to hail you - they just had a moment to sit and wonder why you still haven’t give up yet. They wish they had your grace, your fire and grit. No one admires you, they just covet what you have; or let’s say they covet what they think you have? In 2011 when I decided to abandon my degree in Arc...


Ayoola Falola will speak about "Living in a world of tech" at the Salt & Light Camp 2019

Salt 'N' Light Camp is a unique 7 days teenage camp usually filled with fun, fellowship and creative expressions. The event is organized by Olive Tenders, a faith-based organization located in Ibadan, Nigeria. Olive tenders is a non-profit Christian organization. We believe in the faith-based approach of influencing the youth through the provision of education and information that encourages responsible choices. Since Inception Olive Tenders have had over two thousand and...


I trust tomorrow

I trust tomorrow. Not the one bearing the next sunrise, but the one after – that which never fails since humans started recording days. I don’t trust her, him or them. I don’t trust me; neither do I put my trust in any other without renewals but why won’t I trust whom has always made every day expire and then clocks in a brand new day. Tomorrow is bright, better and with all the good things I dreamt about yesterday and those I will dream about tonight. Even when tom...

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