Sales like a soldier man

I want to get a better chance into tomorrow, so I hold my ware like a soldier would wield a riffle - ready for war. As entrepreneurs, are we not the millennial warriors? The marketplace is the warfront. Whatever we do - whether playing dirty, playing easy or playing safe, we strive daily not to get eaten. People get eaten in our world where no one owes us a handout; for every single day we don’t sell, we so fade; we keep fading until we become like a used toilet paper, flushed and gon...


The testimony of a first-class hustle

It was at the thanksgiving service of the Gospel Students Fellowship (GSF) in FUTA sometime in the later part of 2010. We the final year student members of the fellowship were to come out to share our testimonies. We took turns to talk about our five-year program in school. At first I couldn’t go out; I didn’t know what to say. Everyone else had a somewhat great experience going through school. How they never had a D, E or F; how they had the best results in their class,...


Tales of the writer’s father

Every morning in my father’s house was like judgement day - you wake up to loud bell ringing, a signal that everyone under the roof must converge at the living room for the morning devotion. If you fail to get out of bed in time, you will begin to hear some sweet songs, a feeling like heaven is waiting for you; if you dare tarry, judgement might just meet you in your sleep. Your judgement might be ordered through a piece of beating with cane - why in the world would you not wake up? Tha...

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