So I’ve received a number of requests on my DM asking what career options to go for in the IT industry. Beyond passion and what we know, some education is needed to help guide us in the right direction I love to classify jobs in IT (and by extension software development) space into 3 types.

The classification is based on the kind of opportunities you can get from there. Based on where you:

  1. Can only get a job with it i.e. after certification or school, the next best place to learn or do anything with it is through a job or some internship. These class has the least opportunities, but most jobs in this categories are rapidly growing into the second category but with mostly limited learning options e.g. hardware networking, etc. In most cases, your growth is limited by the infrastructures your employers have or can afford.
  2. Can get a job with it and also practice on your own. But you cannot build anything with them unilaterally E.g. Database management, Server Management, Cyber Security, Data Analysis falls in this category. They are mostly termed as support roles in the scheme of the "builder" tech. Given the right organization and learning materials, you could be sitting on a gold mine here especially if you can get to the point of mastery of the subject matter (most people don't get to this level).
  3. Can get a job with it, can practice on your own with it and can also do (or build) something with it unilaterally on your own. Because of these, this class of career paths actually offer the most opportunities in form of where your skill is needed and what you can do with your skill. Software development (including web) falls within this category. 

Nevertheless, beyond opportunities, passion and interest matters in making career choice. Also, people can find themselves excelling in one one career than the other because of some innate abilities. You can become a consultant in any of the categories once you gain mastery and some experience. So it means that things get better with time but the start is also important. Mentorship is also key into making the best opportunity of your career choice. 


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