Good day PageCarton people. Its a great season and I am excited about the opportunity it brings. Being the second month of 2019 and in fact three months after our maiden PageCarton Conference, we are heading towards PageCarton Conference 2019 that would hold in November 2019. I want to personally thank everyone who has committed their time and other valuable resources to this cause.

We have made some great progress and I must say that it is due to the unwavering support of some team members. We have set up new departments, of which a number of it are doing well.

Yet, there is so much more to do. The journey of creating a secure and easy alternative web publishing platform is a fascinating one. Not to say it is easy; but we sure know that a more secure web that is open and free is worth all the struggles. 

In one of my previous posts, I shared my discontentment at the level of commitment of some team members. That feeling was true and I was determined at the executing the plans. We created 7 departments in PageCarton Community. The departments Which was created so we could have better coordination within our spaces and activities. It was also a channel of raising leaders that would champion even a greater course than what we are currently on. But then, I was seeing slack, I was seeing lackadaisical attitudes and departments in despair. In a place of incompetence and lack of proper leadership, excuses are enough as legal tenders. We can't have a PageCarton Community that would have excuses not to make significant progress to take us where we ought to be.

Meanwhile, I have poured out my heart as to what I look forward to in the different departments of the community. What I hope to see and how I think we can be of great impact has been shared. But for the record, I hope to make it a little bit simpler. Maybe it can be clearer. 

General Secretary

The PageCarton Community needs a department that is responsible for primarily driving every other departments to achieve the aims and objectives. The secondary tasks includes: secretariat functions, business development and seeking and securing partnerships to enable us reach our goals. 

The incumbent General Secretary, Mr. Debo Adeyele has been active and been up to task. I would just like for him to intensify more efforts in driving the sleeping directors to action or sanction whoever isn't active. Common excuses has been a lack of team members, or busy schedules. Either way, I am hoping we can retain and celebrate leaders who are good team players with great commitment and outstanding execution spirit. I believe if all team members commit a minimum of 2 hrs per week to work on their tasks, we will make great progress.

Programs Directorate

Primarily to execute all PageCarton programs and activities. Our events and activities should be done properly according to standard procedure so we can achieve the aims by which we created the programs. We should have a calendar for programs and events and there should be document that provides information on how each program can be independently executed. 

The incumbent programme director, Mr. Mayowa Olabamiji recently has arguably been the most active member of the executive team. I salute his courage and sacrifice. I believe we can do more. He sure has bigger capacity. I hope I am not wrong.

Finance Directorate

How do we meet our financial goals and ensure we follow global best practices in handling organization funding. The financial directorate primary should raise money for the organization through different channels. The financial books of the organization should also be kept. 

Miss Deborah Daniel, the incumbent financial director started out really well but now, I see slack. I hope to see more commitment so the department can begin to deliver its goals.


I was hoping that we had department that would steer collaboration and engagement on the PageCarton code-base. Seems like the director of the unit, Mr. Isaac Daramola has still not caught the vision and I haven't seen anything tangible coming out in that area. I see a lack of commitment and coordination. It is painful seeing other members strike more impact and making more moves than the director himself. I am looking forward to a positive change. I want to see more contributions into PageCarton code base, not just petty suggestions on what Ayoola should fix next. 

Public Relations

I look forward more publicity engagements and a more visible PageCarton brand. I look forward to a more vibrant team to capitalize on our small wins to get us on bigger platforms. We are doing great things in PageCarton. The world needs to hear, they need to see our works. 

I have received Mr. Pelumi Adisa's unpresedented resignation notice. I don't know what to make of that but I guess it is what is. While, I try to address the vacuum, I want to express optimism. I keep hope that we can always find in our leaders, enough commitment not to need to be scolded and enough maturity not to run away in the face of criticism.

Community Management

This ought to be our social department. Do we have new members, who will welcome them? Who will spring up programs to keep the community engaged? How do we network and grow the community? How do we celebrate our wins internally? Who will check on our committed members, who will keep us updated about whats going on the the community? 

I must confess that Mr. David Oluwashina is trying. I just know that he can do a lot better. The innovation in the PageCarton Spotlight is great. I like the way he is handling it. However, we need to be more effective and build a socially vibrant community. 

Content Management

We are still looking for a group content managers to curate and publish great content to educate, inform and engage our audience on our platforms. On the Websites, Blog, Social Media and other spaces. We will bank on this department to ensure all our platforms are properly documented and key platforms are booming with fresh relevant content. 

Sequel to all the above lamentations, I want to categorically state that I will be putting all departments heads that has failed to report on their activities in the last meeting on probation. And within two weeks, if they will not brief the house on their activities and express an action plan on how they will take on the goals of their department, I will be left with no other choice but to suspend the team heads. 

Meanwhile, this is my longest message and address this year and if you have read this to this point, you are the MVP, thanks. I want to appreciate everyone that have joined and stayed with me on this journey. I owe you a lot for the success we have recorded so far. And the sacrifices of those that have gave their time and resources in the past, I am going to ensure we record a remarkable success on this. The encouragement and the support I have received so far on this project is great and I appreciate them all. 

Together, lets move to that bigger future.

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