You are a business man and you don't care who leads your society? Nothing makes you more of a careless business man. We are going to tell you reasons why you must embrace the coming elections to better your business.

What is democracy? It's a way of allowing every eligible citizen in a society, to select a few of them to manage the "public" resources. This selection process is usually backed up by the constitution.

Apart from being in business, basis for your interest in governance could be societal or citizenry. In most "systems" of leadership, especially in a democracy, lack of participation weakens the system of governance.

With or without wide participation, the leadership of a society is rarely an opposite reflection of the populace. If you agree with that, you will understand that a "bad" society will almost always make a "bad" leadership. Just as bad leadership is machined to always produce a "bad" society.

Now as someone that's taking business seriously, you must understand what a "bad" society should mean to you. A bad society isn't one with indecent dress sense. It isn't one with the least people from your religious background.

What society is "bad" for a business? A society that puts you at a disadvantage over global competitions isn't a good one for your business. A responsible leadership cares about providing an enabling environment for businesses to thrive; not only in the locality but also globally.

So now how should you vote as a business personality? What should form the basis of the use of your PVC? First, let's talk about what you should not ask from your government. Though it may be their responsibility to give such things; as a business personality, you don't need them. For you to ask for them is a breach of office, my dear CEO. Anyone else can ask, not YOU!

Social Security and Welfare
Thank your government if you have access to this. But your business does not need welfare or stomach infrastructure.

Instead of enjoying welfare, ask for tax holiday for new businesses and start-ups. This will be an advantage that will help them compete even while they plant their feet.

Loan or Grant

Most times, the grant from government is a total waste of resources because they are usually used to test run businesses. Loans and grants are better for existing businesses that's already making profit, for the purpose of expansion.

 Instead, ask for a consistent economic policy so your business can make accurate forecasts.

Basic amenities and Infrastructure

As a business personality, you should outgrow the need and cry for basic needs. Let the human right activists lead the fight for amenities.

Rather, ask for involvement and assurance that your business will not fail. Demand that your government bail you out when your biz is in trouble. Make them understand the country can't afford its entrepreneurs being broke.

Employment Opportunities

Why do you need employment opportunities when you are meant to create such? If the businesses in a society grow, no one will be without a daily bread.

Rather, ask for dedicated patronage from your government. Ask for a bill that will forbid the government from patronising a foreigner when there are local options.

Apart from tax holiday, dedicated patronage etc; also ask for Correct International Representation and High Commissioning.

As a tip or rule of the thumb, never forget this statement: "as a business personality, never vote for lesser reasons than a billionaire would". For instance, whatever won't influence the voting choice of a billionaire (e.g. Mike Adenuga) shouldn't influence yours too.