People will think I'm too aggressive when I make too much advertisement.

People's perception of how aggressive you are shouldn't influence the extent that you would push your business. Your tone and consistency in ads speaks more of your business than just desperation.

I know some crazy people; they don't want my progress :)

YES! You will meet more people that don't wish you well than those that do. The earlier you accept this truth, the better you understand how much your success depends on your commitment.

I have not started doing some things because there's no capital

One of the easiest excuses of not getting things done is the "unavailability of funds". If you know you may never have enough money to do all the great fantasies you have, you will start thinking of ways to get things done with what you have.

There seems to be a lot of thing wasting my time, time is money:

There are more things that is needed in order for time to be as valuable as money when spent. If you accrue more importance to time, you will likely not give enough time to the same things that give value to the time.

I don't need to play with the team, I can do all things:

You will find out that your nature has been programmed to do some things more conveniently and efficiently than other things.

"Teaming up" allows you to be more efficient in what you can do and not suffer regress in things you can't do conveniently.

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