Now here's my Christmas gift to you; 10 guaranteed ways of lowering your blood pressure while your bank account swells up.

Don't miss any single one of it.

Minimizing cost of running business:

One of the most frequent headaches that you might have with your business will come from ways of financing your business.

Working out ways to run your business in a way that is not too overbearing on your pocket will earn you a peace of mind.

Not putting all eggs in one basket:

Diversifying your business or adding new sources of income will allow you run your business right.

Diversifying could be as easy as adding a new product line or investing in another industry.

Outsourcing parts of the business that's not bringing much return.

"Time is money": Your understanding of what this means is going to go a long way in determining your success in business.

Doing away with tasks that would take up too much of your time to do more productive tasks is going to help you keep your blood pressure steady. :)

No unnecessary borrowing of funds for business:

Except you have lost your conscience completely, you won't be acting normal if you are aware you are indebted to someone else.

Sometimes, thinking about your debts could even hinder your creativity. You don't want that for your business.

No lending out of business funds:

People who take their business seriously do not play with their money. They know that sometimes, most times perhaps; you cannot do business with an empty pocket.

Disappointment is inevitable when you turn your business into a money-lender. That kind of disappointment can raise your blood pressure. Avoid it like a plague.

No sentiments with family and friends in business.

Your families and friends are very important people to you. You don't have to be mean to them. You shouldn't misbehave to them as well.

When it comes to business though, you must draw a very thick line that you would (must) guide them not to cross.

Speeding up your turnaround time:

The longer time you spend on a project, the more frustrating it's likely to be to you.

Spending less time in production and service delivery is key to a sustainable success in business.

Start thinking about ways to deliver faster.

Seeking business mentorship:

When you are guided by a mentor whose wealth of experience and knowledge is priceless, you are indeed at peace.

You won't have to repeat the same mistakes they've managed to live with.

You also stand a chance of seeing further than what your "business depth" permits.

Regularly processing feedback:

When you have constantly updated information about how your service delivery affects the human life, you will have a better perspective to work.

Feedback tends to give you a sense of responsibility and even when the feedback comes in form of criticism; it gives a sense of need to do more.

Creating adequate time to rest:

Now, take heed to this one very seriously because there's no alternative to good health.

No matter how much you are earning, if you don't take enough time to rest, you will soon break down.

I'm not a doctor but I know my heart beats slower in the morning: after a long night of a needed rest.

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