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Guiding Against Fraud

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10 Cyber Security Tips to guide against fraud [+ Radio Interview]

Today's armed robbers’ deadliest weapon is a digital device. Today's identity thieves only need to open a Facebook account in your name, to "steal" your identity. What should be your most potent armour? (+ Audio Recording of Radio Interview on the topic)



Fraudulent business, client or transaction: How to spot them all!

Ways that you could identify a fraudulent business or transaction. You don't want to miss it. You will not only read and learn from this, you should also share with your friends and families. Have you ever been scammed (duped) before? Be also ready to share your experience with the world. I'm sure it will save someone someday.



5 more tips to keep you safe from fraud

I recently wrote ten (10) tips to help you keep away from fraud and cyber crimes; here are five more powerful tips that will help you stay safe from con artists.



How to spot a scam lie and fraudulent business

Hey there friends... based on popular demand. Here's my advice to you on how to spot fake "businesses".



How your Facebook account got hacked

I will be narrating the stories behind hacked social media accounts. If you know how it happened, you have a greater chance of preventing it next time, right? I suggest you follow this post and let's discuss the vulnerabilities we all share due to the advent of social media.



Why we should let Muslims wear Hijabs in Nigeria

I wish to join the ongoing conversation about the rights of women to wear hijabs in Nigeria. Sometimes I wonder why this kind of things get so much vibes. Why are we so concerned when we are being divided along tribal or religious lines? Someone was not called to bar because she chose to wear hijab, but Why? Before you crucify me for my point of view, “read finish, ehn”?



“Yahoo Yahoo” and the Situation of Cybercrime in Nigeria

Watch this exclusive interview where Ayoola Falola, a leading cyber security expert in Nigeria bare his opinion on the situation of Cybercrime menace in Nigeria. 



Why do we allow the innocent to go to prison?

It saddens my heart whenever I hear of injustice around me. I ask myself why we allow these to continue. Why do we wait till this happens to us or a loved one before we cry out? Let’s rise up and give a voice to ensure we have a cleaner judicial system



Pestilence . Religion . Nations . Midgets

It’s interesting to see how the whole world bows to just one small virus. I laugh! Why? Well, dark days are here but those who parade themselves as flood lights has gone to hide. Now the whole street is hopeless; the world groans and we are in obvious disarray. Our kids will laugh at us when they go through the history books and find out how the midget cripple our giants. Didn’t we also wondered how the world lived without antibiotics. When people died in millions to harmful mi...

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Java vs. Python – Which programming language is best to start with?

It is a common discussion nowadays, whenever a programming newbie asks what language he should learn, a debate would soon ensue involving whether they should go for one language or the other. Most of the time, I try to avoid the needless arguments and say anyone willing to start a career in software development should just close eye and pick a language. Because really, it doesn't matter what platform/language you start with, the spirit/art of "programming/coding" is in fact o...

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VPN Explained

Nigerian government just banned twitter operations in Nigeria and a lot of people have resorted to use various VPN services to be able to continue to connect to twitter. But the question people have been asking is, how does this VPN work? How is it able to help circumvent government restrictions and also, is it safe? They say VPN uses obfuscated technology and military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to mask your actual location and online activity. How true is this? So, How does VP...



Ember-month business prophesies

Three things will likely happen to you before this year runs out. You need to be smart to be able to choose your experience. Let us discuss those three things and how they could affect you and your business.