Yesterday, my wife and I was at the Zonal Meeting of PDP in Ward 12, Ibadan South West Local Government Area of Oyo State. So I made an announcement about my intention to run for Ward Chairman of our dear party. It was all fun and excitement as the whole venue was filled with so much joy - my message resonates with the yearnings of our people for a better leadership in the executive arm of the party. 

Having attended political meetings religiously in the past years, I have watched with dismay how party members have complained bitterly of how they have been treated and how those in the affairs of the party have not lived up to expectation. 

With appreciation to those who have handled the affairs of the party thus far, I and other concerned members of the party can see all the efforts so far - but the truth is that the best we have experienced is simply not good enough; we must move forward - so as to continue to be relevant. My aspiration is to come with fresh ideas - committing my God-given resources and expertise to ensure that PDP in Ward 12 becomes a model in Oyo State and Nigeria in general.

My aspiration is to help strengthen our membership by uniting and empowering our people and also support our candidates and leaders in every fronts.  2023 is fast approaching and the only way to ensure that PDP win across board is to mobilize early and provide a platform for grass-root support for our candidates and current party leaders from our able elected Governor, His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde to our Senators, Federal Honorables, State Honorables, Local Government Chairman and Ward Councilor. My chairmanship will ensure we build a framework for this in our ward, we won't be waiting for 2023 to catch up with us. 

This message is coming at this time for two reasons;

1. To inform you on my latest political move. It is my responsibility to keep you informed of the happenings on this journey, so we can all stay abreast and be ready to take action as we proceed,
2. To solicit for your support; this endeavor would require a lot of our time and resources and we shouldn't relent to give whatever we can to ensure we take up the challenge of making our country better - but our streets & neighborhoods first. I would be asking you to join us in meetings and to donate your resources to help achieve some of our objectives. 

How can you take action now? 

1. Donate on . We need this now more than ever to pursue our missions and build the platform. I promise superb accountability.
2. Join Citizens Republic on Let us share ideas and volunteer to this vision. 

I would like to sincerely thank you so much for your support so far. I look forward to us all succeeding in our endeavors.


Ayoola Falola